Q: Let's share our first time experience with makeup

Like majority girls out there, I used to only apply talcum powder, Kajal, mascara and lipstick. Voilaaaaaaaa !!! It was done

But in 2016 I was diagnosed with most depressing skin condition "ASHY DERMATOSIS" . From bn flawless to ashy face it affected me a lot

In 2018 it was my brother's wedding , that's when I Thought of applying makeup by myself for the FIRST TIME

Thanx to all the wonderful YouTube makeup gurus I got my hands on make-up product

Yes. ORANGE color corrector was d most imp thing for me

Then d foundation and concealer

And finally baking

Believe me guys I practiced dem ONE WHOLE NIGHT to look decent cz initially I ended up looking orangish ?

But the end result was OKAYish

So .. share me all your makeup experience

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