Q: Loreal hydrafresh genius multiactive 3 in 1 genius water...-Quick review?????

Hello girls, this product is same like Loreal hydrafresh genius water bursting mask..only difference is tht it is in liquid form--Actually I bought both at the same time. I wasn't aware tht they r same I thought one lik toner water n other gel.If u wanna buy , buy only 1 accordingly.

  • Packaging - light blue glass bottle
  • 3 in 1 - can be used as toner , essence or moisturiser. 
  • Consistency-like water with jelly minute droplets in it , u can see in the image of bottle.
  • readily absorbs-just seeps into the skin by patting. No need to do massage.
  • more easy application.like applying water on skin.absorption is fast.
  • rest same like water bursting mask..
  • more oily skinned poeple can opt this one..
  • dry skin poeple- can use it as essence.
  • after cleansing, directly apply no need to use toner.
  • economical
  • appropriate for acne prone skin
  • for pores..

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