Q: Mcaffeine Body Scrub & Body Butter Review????

Hey Lovelies? Today I am reviewing a body scrub & body butter from the brand called Mcaffeine.. I do not invest much in body products I only buy body washes because I love using them..

Overall I loved its packaging its very luxe sometimes I think how do they managed to produce such quality packaging and product at such affordable rate.


The scrub smells exactly like coffee and if you are coffee lover like me than you will enjoy using this scrub on you. The smell is little strong and can be little over powering for sensitive noses..

Pros Of Mcaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Body Scrub

1) Beautiful and luxe packaging outer as well as inner.

2) Sturdy packaging.

3) Comes with a wooden spoon to help avoid contamination of the scrub.

4) Smells amazing.

5) Exfoliates well.

6) Removes dead skin cells.

7) Spreads easily on skin.

8) Provides cooling sensation on skin.

9) Makes skin brighter and glowy.

10) Availability.

11) Contains pure arabica coffee and coconut oil which is great for skin.

13) Does not dry out skin.


Cons Of Mcaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Body Scrub

1) Not travel friendly.

2) Scrub powder becomes moist when come in contact directly with air..

Rating- 5/5

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My experience with Mcaffeine Body Butter -Its having good fragrance havung touch of coconut in fragrnace . Small amount is enough for hands and legs. Body butter is super effective. Its having good moisturizing power. Its not at all dry. It keeps skin good whole day. Its brown in texture. Its choco with caramel falavour. Its suitable for all skin types.It makes skin really smooth on using. I loved this body butter very much and it really suits my skin. Best body butter I have ever used..? I love how it makes my skin soft, smooth, brighter and glowing. A must try for all..



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