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I have been using everyuth golden peel off since I was in college. It has a nano gold particles that attracted me a lot. Though we all know we can’t get original gold particles, then to I love this.
I use this mask once in a week or occasionally. As this mask is travel-friendly I can carry it anywhere I go. I apply this mask evenly all over my face and neck. Let it dry for sometime and then I peel it off.
The thing I loved the most is after peeling off the mask some small glitters stay on my face. And that adds instant shine and glow 
Gives a nice radiant face.
Refreshing smell.
Ideal mask while travelling.
Suitable for all skin types.
Contains Paraben.


This is my first product by Mamaearth and I must say I am impressed. I tried their Ubtan face mask and I am glad I did. This face mask certainly does what it claims. It added a natural glow to my skin. My felt soft and nourished after using it. I did not like the fragrance of this product which was quiet bland, btw. Apart from that the texture and color felt a little mud-like. It comes in a big container which is quiet satisfactory for the price that it is purchased for. The fact that it has saffron, apricot oil and turmeric is really amazing. All of these ingredients are beneficial for the nourishment of the skin. I would recommend this product for all skin types.
Pros :paraben and sls free
Suitable for all skin types
Good quantity
Can't find that 



I apply this mask three times a week after washing my face with a good cleanser patting my skin dry. As the brand mentioned we need to apply a thick layer of it, so I scoop out a generous amount of the mask in a spatula and apply a very thick layer all over my face and neck. I never forget to apply mask on my neck as well because even our neck area is equally important as our face
leave this mask for good about 20 minutes and than I wash it off with a normal tap water and than I apply my favourite emollient moisturiser. When I was washing my face I was also massaging my face very gently as it has granules of coffee in it.

After washing when I touch my skin it feels so soft and silky. The face mask is very gentle and makes my skin soft, smooth, clean and refreshed. It also adds a healthy glow to the face.

The exfoliating properties of coffee granules and natural clays ensures that the skin is absolutely free from impurities though the effect does not last for 1 day also.

The face pack will suit every skin type weather you have oily dry or sensitive skin because it is very gentle on skin.


1)Very beautiful and luxurious looking packaging.

2) Smells yummy.

3) Thoroughly cleanses skin.

4) Removes all the oiliness and impurities from skin.

5) Makes skin soft and smoother.

6) Glides on effortless because of its creamy texture.

7) Has coffee granules present in it which works great for exfoliation.

8) Great for all skin types.

9) Availability.

10) Does not break me out.


Firstly, you will need a little more pack to apply evenly all over. Secondly, the pack does not dry out completely. But then too I prefer leaving it for 20 minutes.
Everyuth tan removal pack gives a tingling sensation firstly after applying but afterwards, it’s completely fine.
After washing my face, it makes a clear difference in my skin tone. In addition to this, it brightens up my skin and makes it smooth.
But it will not remove tan in one go. However, if you have a stubborn tan you would definitely need to use it two to three times. Altogether it is a good brightening face pack.
Brightens up the face
Does not irritate my skin
Skin feels soft and nourished
Improves skin tone
Need a lot of quantity
Contains parabens

The smell of Everyuth Naturals Rejuvenating Cucumber Face Pack is quiet intense. The pack smells of natural ingredients which give me a relief that there are not many chemicals involved though I do not trust that instinct much. The color of the pack is greenish and its quiet thick. I mix little water with the pack to lighten the consistency and make the application easier. People with dry skin can try mixing honey for mositurisation but I would advise doing a patch test beforehand.
The pack dried in 10 minutes and after washing I could see the difference in my skin. The pores had shrunk a bit and I could feel the skin tightened. The tingling sensation must be the active ingredients in the pack as I was able to see a slight glow on my face. My skin was oil free for about 3 days after that and I was really happy with the results. Everyuth Naturals Rejuvenating Cucumber Face Pack had a soothing effect on the skin and I liked 
Multanimitti based
Controls oil
Cleans dead skin due to scrubbing
Gives cooling sensation
Stops acne burning and redness
Reduces acne spread
Not for dry skinned people
No glow aftereffect
These are my fav masks.I also put the links of the products if u guys wanna check out.. That's it :)  

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