My favorite ubtan review.

Forest essential facial ubtan 

Narangi n  Nagkesar

hii guys. Some days before Nykaa Army has posted a post on ubtan n mentioned that "ask to your Maharastrian friend about ubtan. '" 

As Iam belongs to Maharastrian community n we have very much importance of ubtan in every occasion n daily life for pampering ouourselves. 

Today Iam going to review one of my favorite ubtan from forest essential. 

This is full of ayurvedic n natural ingredients like pistachio seeds, sweet almond seeds, cashew nuts, narangi peel, licorice root, nagkrsar extract,  fenugreek seed, ashwgaashwgandha Root, neem leaf n more. 

Directions: you can mix it with yogurt, rosewater, milk or aloevera gel to make thick paste.mix it according to your skin type. 

My experience : as I have oily n acne prone skin so I mix it with rose water n applied it. After first use my skin looks so fresh n bright. It works as scrub too. My tanning also reduced in first use. I found it is best for oily and acne  prone skin. Its fragrance is so orangy n refreshing. I use it everyday alternate day n this bottle last me for 2 months. This gives me instant n golden glow on my skin. This is my second bottle. Currently my mother is also using this n she also has very nice effects on her pigmentation n wrinkles problem. Her fine line has been reduced n pigmentation N dark spots has lightens up. 


Pros of Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Narangi and Nagkesar

• Gives a nice radiant glow after immediate use.
• Love the fragrance.
• Reduces oiliness.
• Tones and firms the skin.
• Reduces tanning (at least in my case I needed some good anti-tan product and this proved really beneficial)
• Gives a soft and smooth skin instantly.

cons:it is quite. Expensive. 

final verdict :i highly recommend it to every skin type. As it is expensive but it has very good results. 



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