Eyebrows are an importantimportant part of our facial features.Taking care of them is essential.

Here are few remedies to grow them thick, healthy -

Castor oil : As we all know how much beneficial this oil is for our hair and skin.It has fatty acids and antioxidants that promotes hair growth.

  • Apply cold pressed castor oil on your eyebrows.
  • Massage for 2-3 minutes 
  • Leave on for overnight
  • Wash in the morning 
  • Apply every night

Coconut oil : virgin coconut oil has has various nutrients to  to nourish hair follicles and make them strong , naturally dark and thick. 

  • Take virgin cold pressed coconut oil.
  • Apply warm oil in your brows 
  • Massage gently 
  • Leave on overnight 
  • Wash next morning with warm water

Egg yolk : Egg yolk has sufficient protein to give your brows a protein treatment.

  • Beat the egg yolk 
  • Apply over the brows and leave on for 20 minutes .
  • Wash with a mild cleanser
  • Repeat twice a week

Vitamin E oil : Vitamin e strengthens hair and promotes hair growth. You can also mix this oil with Coconut oil and apply.

  • Break the vitamin E capsule and apply over the brows  
  • Leave for overnight.
  • Wash with normal water.

Onion juice : Onion juice improves production of collagen tissues to promote eyebrows growth.

  • Grind half small onion take the juice
  • Apply with a cotton pad over the brows let it dry 
  • Wash with mild cleanser 
  • Repeat daily

These are few effective natural treatment to pamper your brows. Also use a proper brush for your brows to improve blood circulation to promote hair growth.

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