Nivea Soft Light Moisuriser Cream Review??

Winter has come & now many people faces dry skin problems.. Dry skin occurs when skin doesn't retain sufficient Moisturizer. Winter months when the weather turns cold & huminity level drops, keeping your skin hydrated might become even more difficult. By extra care to keep your skin Moisturized. You can avoid chapping, itchiness & cracking.

                Hey guys, today I'm share with you Nivea Soft Light Moisuriser Cream Review. ​​​​​​

        Nivea Soft is a highly effictive intensive Moisturizing cream for everyday use. It's quickly absorbed & Refreshes the skin. The light formula with vitamin E giving you rich moisture care. You can use it your face, body & hands. You can use it as a night cream or before applying the makeup for more natural look. Normally I have oily skin but in winter my skin become gonna dry. So, then I choose this cream. Its really improved my skin a lot. I really love this cream & now my skin like feel soft soft ☺️

 Packaging - Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer cream comes in a plastic white jar. It's compact size & tightly secure cap make it carry while you traveling.

Texture & Fragrance - Nivea Soft Light Moisuriser comes in a milky white color & has a very light texture. It has a perfect consistency neither too thick nor runny. It has sweet floral fragrance that I really like ?


Price - The price of the Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer is 300 ml - 349/-

It easily available local beauty stores & online shopping website.

Reason to buy this cream :-

L​​​​​ightweight, it doesn't leave  greasy, easily absorbed on the skin. 

* Suitable for all skin type. 

* Value for money. 

* Easily available. 

* Suitable for men, women & kids. 

Reason to avoid this Cream :-

* It comes without SPF


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