NYKAA Naturals Pomegranate Seed Oil

Hey Guys! 

My honest review on this cold pressed oil:

It costs me for 425 on discount otherwise its cost is 500 bucks!

It has no colour completely transparent!

Consistency is little bit thicker than rosehip oil!

It is a really really hydrating oil ! Suitable for all skin types also for sensitive skin type since it cause no irritation,rashes on the skin!

It also brightens up the skin! 

 And Trust me guys it really helps to heal acne(In my case it really healed).

Sometimes I use this oil and mix with nykaa rosehip oil to treat acne and sometimes I use this oil alone as my moisturizer ! 

Since winters are coming ! I feel like it would be good option if you just need a natural and safe hydrating facial oil! 

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