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  • Mothers are happy to have the entire family home. Eating three meals with them.
  • Fathers are happy making there children happy.
  • Brothers are happy to play PUBG together.
  • Sisters are happy cleaning there rooms, living old memories.
  • Some long lost friends are talking after ages.
  • Friends are over social media.
  • Some siblings are playing pranks and looking for new methods to disturb there brothers and sisters.
  • Introverts are enjoying, writing and reading.
  • Extroverts are dying to move out.
  • Nature is healing, birds chirping, streets are silent but the voices at 5 pm fasinated me.
  • Somewhere love is in the air in addition to Corona. 

I am happy seeing everyone at home, enjoying and spending time with families.

I am reading, cooking, writing, sleeping and talking.

I am happy being alone but pray situation gets in control soon.

Never thought people will actually come out to thank the people still working in this situation.

Only our Prime Minister could do this. Thanks to him and people who are safeguarding us.

Tomorrow lock down may be announced.

I have the needed stuff, books, nykaa, quora,Google  and food is what I need to survive.

And my favorite thing is to cook yummy snacks for the quality and yummy quarantine.

Share ur quality quarantine with us.

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