Q: #Quality Quarantine

In the age of diserter probably we should say "United We Fall, Divided We Rule". The latest pandemic Corona Virus is spreading like chessing wolf.

                  Human Civilization under great thread because of this pandemic. So, we should taken some conclusive actions like home Quarantine ​​​​​​, Isolation and​​​​ Lock-down measure. But girls no one could stop us, no one could bit us. We make our choice how to live.

       All day we can help each other by passing right information no fake news and obey Government decision. We spend most of the time in Nykaa Network, we can review as many as products, we play contest, now we can start a new topic on Corona Virus like how to prevent it,what should safety measure. We should take encourage each and other member mentally and emotionally. We are not alone but we are here to help to each other by taking this measures carefully we could spend #Quality Quarantine. 

  Stay Home - Stay Safe ♥️ 

@Nykaa Army @Nykaa Beauty 

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