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When we build a house..the most important thing is cement ..we cant build a house without cement ..our body is also like that, collagen is the cement of our body and you know what which provides collagen to us? ...the answer is vitamin C ...citrus fruits are rich source of vitamin c .
If we add more and more vitamin C to our food the chances of getting sick are very less..
For ex- lemon ,
Oramge ,
Grapefruit etc
 Precaution -  vitamin c gets destroyed when we heat it...so do not heat ...

2. Garlic 
When i got sick my grandmother always advice me to eat garlic more and more ..as it have immune boosting properties..it is very helpful in fighting infections ..

3. Ginger
When we talk about any viral infection remedies ginger always comes first in our mind ...we all know about ginger as anti inflammatory medicine ..

It is also very helpful in fighting disease and increase immunity...you can make delicious recipe from yogurt by adding fruits and honey into it..

As they contain vitamin E ..it is a key of healthy  immune system ..try shelled almonds as they contain more vitamins..

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