Q: #QualityQuarantine (Healthy internally)

My morning starts with warm water lemon and honey or sometimes In empty stomach I have soaked chickpeas and sprouts,these days I'm having boiled chickpeas.In breakfast we are making mix veggies with boiled eggs and milk.In lunch we are having boiled daal (daal is very good source of protein), again some different leafy veggies and well cooked fish / chicken. I've added sour curd in diet these days having it regularly. In afternoon i love to have milk shake with nuts and I drop few ice cubes in it. At night  some grains/ oats with few vegetables/ some days with milk / shredded boiled eggs( I prepare oats in different ways every other day). This is how I'm keeping my gut clean as well as healthy.

Healthy food habit is the key.

Stay healthy, Stay home.

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