#QualityQuarantine ! Stay safe stay in !

#QualityQuarantine ! 

hey the lockdown is a great step to stay quarantined as it may stop the spreading of virus further.i truly respect the lockdown and also here where I stay section 144 has been implemented today and as a cause of that no one can be in a group more than 5.

The things I do in regard to the covid protection from me my family and the entire nation are as follows....

  • I make sure to strictly stay at home as this is the only way I am going to stop the spread of the above. 
  • In case if there is an emergency to go out I will make sure not to go out with out my gloves,scarf and the sanitizer. I opt to wear full sleeves and fully covered clothing.and as soon as we enter home wash ur hands properly.
  • Now staying whole day in is lil difficult for everyone and I keep myself busy to avoid boredom. 
  • The main thing I do is keep myself engaged in any kind of constructive activities.
  • I create awareness to the fellow neighbours and kids around us about the virus and its impact.
  • I have been creating a WhatsApp group for all my known members where I keep on posting few mind puzzling games which are so much fun to solve and we keep passing our time like tat.
  • And yes I cook yummy snacks to make sure my family members can also be relaxed with the quarantine.
  • I wash my hands frequently. I would also tell u it's not mandatory to use a sanitizer but u can also use a soap to wash hands but make sure u wash them frequently. 
  • In any case if u have any symptoms dont touch anyone and consult a doctor asap.
  • My worlworf hapiness is when we all are safe.
  • Let's pray for those who are suffering all over the world and let's make sure to protect us and entire nation by just staying back at home.
  • Will keep posting few more posts on it soon.
  • And also let us know how u guys are #QualityQuarantine ! at home. @Nykaa Army @Nykaa Beauty  @Sudeshna Panja @Mawra iffath @Aiyushi Malhotra @Rimjhim Chaudhary @Darshana Deshmukh @s d 

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