Remedies for hair fall ?

Hi Girls , Today I am sharing two remedies for the hair fall which is tested by me and gave me so much results in terms of the hair fall and dandruff too. Hope u all like it❣️


Remedy 1- Magical Hair oil

Ingredients we need for hair oil  :-

Castor oil

Coconut oil 

Lavender essential oil

Vitamin E capsule

Take half cup of castor oil (50 ml)and less than half cup of coconut oil (100 ml),add 7 drops of lavender oil and vitamin e capsule and mix all the ingredients, make sure that there are in a liquid state and warm it a bit and apply it on your scalp and hair , leave the oil for minimum one hour and follow this remedy twice a week. 

Benefits of the ingredients used in the hair oil -

Castor oil helps in many hairfall problems and even dandruff, cocunut oil conditions your hair and it also helps in hair growth , lavender oil helps in speed growth.


Remedy 2-hair pack which will also helps in fighting with dandruff-:



Coconut oil

Shea butter

Take 2,3 inch ginger , peel it and cut it into smaller pieces and blend it or grade it whichever is convenient. Now take a bowl and take 3 tablespoon of shea butter ,2 tablespoon of coconut oil . Now take a clean cloth or a strainer and place the ginger pulp into the cloth and squeeze as much juice into the coconut oil and apply it on your scalp and hair . Make sure that you need to blend it until it becomes fluffy and thick in consistency. Apply this before washing your hair for minimum 30 mins and see wonders . 

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