Q: Review - Biotique Cucumber Water Toner

Product Description:

To Use: After cleansing, moisten a cotton pad with toner. Apply smoothly over face and neck. Follow with Moisturizer.
Suitable for all skin types, especially oily & acne prone.
Price: It is priced at 175/- for 120 ml.
Packaging: It comes in a well sealed cardboard cartoon. The bottle inside is made up of translucent plastic see through material so I can easily see how much amount I have used and when I have to buy the next. The cap is in green plastic.

Texture: The product is fully transparent, water like and is in lime color.

Pros of Biotique Cucumber Water Toner:

It has the ability to maintain oil-free face too which is great. Also I can see fine dirt and grime on the cotton I used. It’s really effective in cleaning the face thoroughly which in turn prevent skin problems.

· The greatness of cucumber offers soothing effect on the skin.
· It is definitely skin clearing. It makes my skin appear clean and soft and free from any blemishes, but not 100%. Although it serve a great extent to what it claims.
· It supposedly helps to reduce oil which clogs the pores and therefore helps to reduce the oiliness on the surface of the skin. Even three hours after washing my face & applying the toner, I notice that my face is still shine-free and my nose is less oily than before.
· Another good thing about this toner is it is made from natural ingredients and there were no harmful elements in the product
· It is alcohol free.
· The best part is the smell is not too strong & it doesn’t irritate my nose.
· All throughout the day my skin is less oily and more tolerable.
· The price I paid for this one is 131, which is good because it is not expensive but it does what it claims.
· I am acne-prone, but thank goodness it does not cause me to break out.
· Boutique, does not conduct cruel tests on animals.

Final Verdict:
Because of the quality, price and results I got, it is a good oil toner. I would recommend it to all oily skin ladies out here.




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