Q: Review for my current favourite face washes? ?


I was aware of the benefits of vinegar but never dreamed I would find it in a foaming face wash! I have never heard of the WOW skin science brand. I did as instructed on the box by putting a small amount into my hand then rubbing it in to my face for about two minutes and rinsing with plenty of water. The face wash contains pure apple cider vinegar, aloe vera extract and vitamins for cleansing and hydrating your skin. Its purpose is to wash away dead skin cells. The aloe vera helps soothe and hydrate your skin. I have normal skin type with no oily or dry patches. I do not suffer from acne. The scent is very nice, almost calming and lathers well especially for the small amount I pumped out of the bottle. After a few days of using once a day I have noticed a lighter feel to my skin.
The face wash claims to be soap free. When I apply it on my wet face and massage thoroughly, it does not lather so much justifying its claim of not having harsh soapy ingredients in it. It is quite a mild face wash and severe oily skin would not be very happy after using it. It does not make my skin dry and stretchy post usage but there is one drawback. I think it leaves some residue on skin though the residue is not slippery at all. After cleaning my face with this I apply toner and on the cotton ball I can see some very faint yellow residue. If you have no problem with it, you may definitely try this one, especially normal to dry skin girls. I never leave my skin without applying a moisturizer so I can’t tell you after how much time post wash it might feel stretchy. It does not help much in oil, acne, pimple control. I have no severe acne but I suffer from oily but dehydrated skin due to the humid weather in Kolkata. It keeps my skin oil free for hardly 1 to 1.5 hours.
Really hydrating face wash. Doesn't make your face dry. The gel formulation is good. It has a little cooling too.
If you love using a face wash that has fruity and flowery fragrance, you will love this product. Best suited for winters, this face wash is gentle and has extracts and goodness of fruits. It revitalizes your skin, protects it from sun damage, moisturizes it and gives soothing effect
this face wash has a deep cleansing formula. Only a tiny drop is sufficient to give clean and radiant skin. How to use instructions are given at the back of the tube. All the products of the brand are paraben free and cruelty free (not tested on animals) all of these products are 100% safe for the skin.
The cleanser is supremely gentle on the skin, I faced no discomfort on my existing breakouts. There was no tingling or burning sensation, it just glided on my skin smoothly.The face wash didn’t dry my skin out at all. It leaves a moisturizing touch of softness after you pat your skin dry. 
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