Review of L’Orèal Paris Crystal Micro- Essence❤️

Hey Guys , I will be reviewing L’Orèal Paris Crystal Micro- Essence which I got from Nykaa few days back . I was judging this product from last few days and trust me this did a miracle on my face. As i told here that I was suffering from break outs very badly and I even changed my skin care routine and my new skin regime included this product. 

What is Crystal Micro Essence?? 

 L’Orèal Paris Crystal Micro- Essence is a liquid skin care product, It has a water like consistency which is very runny and lightweight . It has 10 layer penetration , It soaks up deep inside the skin which is very effective. It deeply repairs your skin. 

Packaging -

The packing of this product is super luxurious and so beautiful, It comes in a transparent bottle form which is white in colour, It has a very luxurious super premium packaging and I am in love with this♥️


  • So lightweight 
  • Water like consistency 
  • Not at all sticky 
  • Deeply repair your skin with 10 layers. 
  • It does not feel heavy on your skin 
  • It makes your skin hydrated and radiant 
  • It will make your skin smooth and plum.

How to apply ?? 

Step 1- wash your face gently with a cleanser 

Step 2- Pour 3-4 drops of this product on your palm 

Step 3- Spread btw ur palms without rubbing it too much 

Step 4- Gently tap it on ur cheeks , forehead and finish it with your chin.

Note - We will basically use this instead of toner. 

When to apply ?? 

Twice a day - in your morning and night skin regime. 

Who can apply ?? 

Every one can apply this product including the oily skin people or the combination and even dry skin because of its benefits. 

As it is has water like texture so it will make dry skin plum and radiant and bcoz of the consistency which is so light weight with water like consistency it will not make your skin oily at all and sticky. It will give u perfect amount of hydration and skin feel so refreshed after using this. 

This is one of the amazing product I have came across which is suitable for every skin type , I am using this from last one week now twice a day and I am in love with this one , I would highly recommend this product. Thank you  @Nykaa Army for gifting this product❤️

Whoever wants to purchase this product it is available on Nykaa and it comes in three variants:- 

1-22 ml - Rs 250 

2-65 ml - Rs 799 

3-130 ml - Rs 1400





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