Q: Review of loreal Paris revitalift essence and also before after result pictures ❤️

Hey everyone and @Nykaa Army ❤️,
After almost a month today I'm reviewing loreal revitalift #clear skin. This product suits every skin type.
Firstly about the product
 It is a liquid skin care product, It has a water like consistency which is very runny and lightweight . It has 10 layer penetration , It soaks up deep inside the skin which is very effective. It deeply repairs your skin.
About the packaging
The packing of this product is super luxurious and so beautiful, It comes in a transparent bottle form which is white in colour and steel cap. I'm in love with it's packaging. ❤️
How to apply?
Step 1- wash your face gently with a cleanser.

Step 2- Pour 3-4 drops of this product on your palm.

Step 3- Spread between your palms without rubbing it too much.

Step 4- Gently tap it on ur cheeks , forehead and finish it with your chin.
My experience
After applying this product for couple of secs you feel sticky but then it absorbs.
Within 2 days I actually felt really nice about my skin like smoothness and newness and also my pores reduced (my pores  were not that visible) .
I saw some internal improvement.
But in case of pimple marks it took time to fade away.
 If you have wrinkle, pores, dullness problem you must use this product.
According to the price, it is affordable.
You can replace this with a toner or you can also use this like - Toner-moisturizer-essence-serum (follow as korean routine).
This is suitable for all types of skin and for everyone whatever your age is.
I love this product and recommend it to everyone.
Also it comes in 3 ranges
22 ml - Rs 250
65 ml - Rs 799
130 ml - Rs 1400


After 1 week

After 2 weeks

And finally after 3 weeks

As you can see my acne marks has been reduced and I'm glowing?


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