Q: Review of LOREAL UV PERFECT SUPER AQUA ESSENCE-fresh hydrating uv watery gel.?

Hello girls. 
I have been using this since a year, not quite frequently but inbetween as using other spf too like neutrogena n Innisfree no sebum one..this one I mostly used in little colder climate..


  • packaging is sleek
  • product consistency is watery gel type
  • light weight and has amazing scent 
  • colour is white
  • on application - readily absorbs and doesnot leaves a white cast
  • on my super oily facial skin- it takes little time to settle as initially makes it little slippery n shiny 
  • But on hands it dries up n absorbed in seconds still don't know why?I guess bcz of my sensitive skin
  • Yes protects the skin from darkening 
  • it's great for normal or combination or even dry skinned poeple bcz it's so hydrating.
  • good about this - it does not break me out..
  • can apply after applying toner directly.
  • All in all I liked the product..


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