Q: Review of Miss Claire Makeup Kit Palette?

First of all thank you so much nykaa @Nykaa Army for choosing me for the answer and win contest and sending me this wonderful palette♥️ This is the Miss Claire makeup palette  9927-2 with 39 eyeshadow shades and 3 blushers , total weight of this product is 66.90gm . Let me tell u guys that this is such an amazing makeup kit in such an affordable price.If i talk about the packaging it has an amazing silver coating with all the ingredients and other details given on the cover. It also have fibre plastic  casing  which allow us to look at all the shades from outside. This  is an all in one makeup palette with so pigmented and blendable colours.

Pros of the makeup palette-

1-Great pigmentation

2-Variety of colours with 39 eyeshadow shades and 3 blushers 

3-affordable price only for 895 Rs

4-such a versatile palette with some matte colours and shimmer shades with a large variety of colours .

5-every colour has a shimmer and a matte colour with good pinks , nudes , blue tones etc 

6-It also have black and white eyeshadow which can be used for highlighting and smokey eyes 

7-all the colours are so vibrant especially for the people who want to invest in one particular palette.

8-They are water proof 

9-Long lasting results

10- suits for all skin type 

11- it has three variety of blusher with 2 variety of pink and a peach .

Cons of the product 

1- it has 3 sponge applicators and one blusher applicator which are not useful, I personally don’t prefer them for doing my eye makeup.


Caution - The product states that avoid contact with eyes , if it does please rinse out immediately .If skin has allergic reactions, please don’t use it.

 According to me the must buy product for every makeup girl , it is easily available at nykaa just put the “Miss Claire Makeup Kit 9927” in the search box.



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