Review of nykaa alovera + tea tree sheet mask


Today I am going to review the laivera + tea tree sheet mask from nykaa. 
First thing you all need to know about sheet masks is that it's main work and aim is to hydrate your skin. It also makes your skin glow with the amazing benefits of serum. 
I used it yesterday as I was feeling my skin very dull. So for refreahing up, I used it. 
As usually I felt hydation plus glow. It helps me clear out my skin and brighten it acnes are now smaller. This product was amazing. 
See, if you want the full benefits of sheet masks then use a toner before applying the mask and then moisturiser after massaging the serum on the face. I am really seeing the glow today as I used it that way. I used it at night and left it overnight. Another thing every begginer should know is that after using sheet masks, we shouldn't wash our face, not even simply with water. It will wash out the serum and leave you with no benefits of using the shheetmask. 
Hope this review helped you sort out all the queries. If there is still any queries about anything, please reply this post. I will definitely answer. @Nykaa Army

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