Q: Review of nykaa lemon essential oil

Nykaa lemon essential oil
Price I payed - ₹175 (it was on 50% sale during women's day) 
Packing :- 10/10 (comes with a dropper) 
Fragrance:-10/10(love the fresh  and clean fragrance) 
Balm consistency:- smooth like butter 
Moisturizing:- 9.5 /10
Application :-10/10 
Net weight:- 10ml
100% vegetarian 
I use it with my night moisturiser. It reduced my acne scars. It comes with a instruction manual mentioning about all the oils. 
How to use :- 
•oily skin : mix 10-15 drops lemon essential oil with with 50gm of jojoba cream and apply. 
•greasy hair: add 4 drops to wet palms, apply to freshly washed hair and rinse. 


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