Hello BEAUTIES ??, 

Today I am going to share my reviews of NYKAA NATURALS LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL with you guys. Till now, I have used it a lot for my skin and hairs. Let begin?

  • I like everything about this essential oil. There are no faults in this product. 
  • First of all, I want to tell that I mostly use it for my hairs and I have seen a lot of change. I use this oil twice a week. By mixing it with coconut oil, I apply it on my hairs as well as scalp. Just two drops?? are enough. My hairfall has reduced and dandruff too. The best way to use this essential oil is by mixing it with olive oil. 
  • It's fragrance is very relaxing which helps to get better and peacefull sleep. I love the aroma of it. 
  • I also mix it with my moisturiser, just one drop ? and it resulted in reduced acne and irritation too. 
  • It has proved most effective for my hairs and I will never stop using this product for my hairs. 
  • It comes in a little glass bottle  with 10 ml of oil. It has a dropper so that you can easily drop the oil by counting. 
  • A note is also given inside the outer pack and it shows all the uses of the product. So it is also user friendly. 



Hope you guys found it helpful. 
Love, Nikita ❤?

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