Q: Review of Nykaa Skin potion Anti Acne Facial Oil❤️

Hi Everyone!! Nykaa has launched Nykaa Skin Potion Facial Oil few days back and in my previous post I updated that my skin is undergoing a lot of changes and i was suffering  from so much of acne with so much of pimples , I went into too much of depression bcoz of that , I actually went for cleaning and after that my skin got damaged so much. I was going through so much that I can not even explain. 

After various research on you tube I came across that how important facial oil is there for our skin. 

I never used facial oils in my skin care routine and then I came across the Nykaa Skin potion Anti Acne Facial Oil which is specifically made for oily and acne prone skin.  I will not deny that I completely changed my skin care routine and added so many new products and among them one was this oil. 

Guys I can not describe that this oil completely changed my skin including the rest of the products as well but this oil played a very important role in my skin care routine. After so much of study I got to know that when we don’t provide oil to our skin , skin will automatically produce oil which causes acne, so today I will be reviewing this product and will soon update my entire skin care regime which helped me in changing my skin!! 


Nykaa Skin potion Anti Acne Facial Oil ❤️


The Nykaa Skin Potion Facial Oil has anti-acne properties which help in curing acne. The oil contains Tea Tree  Leaf Oil that helps in terminating the acne-causing bacteria.It also has Black Cumin Seed Oil which is super nourishing and also helps to soothe the skin, reduces inflammation and clogged pores naturally.The presence of Clove Oil further triggers the acne treatment process.The packaging of this product is super cute , It comes with a dropper.

Benefits of the oil 

1-It is so much Light Weight 

2-It keep skin’s vital hydration locked in

3-It deeply penetrate into skin to restore moisture 

4-It have skin smoothing properties 

5-It helps to fortify and strengthen skin’s natural barrier 

6-Rich in anti oxidants 

7- It has 100% natural botanical extracts 

8- It is SLS and Paraben free 

9-It makes ur skin soft 

10- Helps in reducing acne 

11-It get absorbed quickly 

Price -Rs 699 

If you use it daily it will last for 2 months, I highly recommend this product and after using it for a month it gave a natural shine on my face. I will be definitely buying another bottle of it.


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