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Today I am going to review aloe vera gel. 

This one why I found it so peculiar is obviously because they say that it is 99 % pure aloe vera gel and unlike other aloe vera gel which are available in market as the one that you get in the store or this one is not green in colour so that was a huge plus for me by buying this is not the gel,  actual gel is not a green colour this is infact like how the real aloe vera gel look like that in transparent. 

Now loving to the packaging, the packaging is pretty sturdy and cute or the bottle look an aloe vera plant 

I am really happy with this product and how I use this product is that I ' use, it as a moisturizer now because this is aloe vera gel and the pure aloe vera gel has moisturizer properties even. 

My favourite way of using aloe vera gel and apply it on a hair and leave it over night and than wash it off in the morning. 

So guys these are all the ways in which I use my aloe vera gel now you cam use aloe vera gel in so many different way. 

I hope u guys found this review helpful. 

                                     Thank you...... 




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