Review on 100% Hemp Seed Oil!

It is 100% Cold Pressed Hemp Seel Oil from Nature Tattva! 

MRP : 550 Rs for 100 ml  But you can get discount on nykaa and on their official website also! 

I got this for 360 Rs

Which I feel is a great deal for 100 ml Product! 


It is a carrier oil but I have to place it in essential oils because we have no option to mention for it ! 

It has comedogenic rating 0 

which means It won't clog your pores at any cause ! 

As It won't clog your pores so it won't cause breakouts ! 

It is the best oil for healing acne and acne scars! 

Best for all skin types because it gets absorbed very quickly.

It calms your skin and won't cause any irritation so it is also safe for Sensitive skin types ! 


This Nature Tattva is 100% Hemp Seed Oil ! Because it got the same Greenish Tint and no added fragnance in it !

The day I started using it I felt my skin so hydrated and non greasy! 

In the starting days I got little bumps and that was just because my skin needs some time to adjust with a new product! 

But I kept patience and used it regularly ! At first my skin became too oily ,then got little bumps but now it got adjusted and now I am not having any new breakout ! 

My skin is oil free,non greasy and hydrated! 

I won't replace this oil with any other oil now ! 

It works wonders ! 

All we have to do is keep patience ! 



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