Hey beauties!

I got this face moisturizer from @Nykaa Beauty as a gift for winning the ultimate natural contest! 

Here's a honest review of this moisturizer! So following are the pros and cons of the product for a better and clear understanding!


  • Good for people with OILY SKIN! So the oily skin family should get happy as this moisturizer is perfect for them! It is oil free!
  • Feels light on the skin! This moisturizer feels really light on the skin n does not forms white patches!
  • Paraben and silicone free! Girls with sensitive skin! Have a look! This product does not contains paraben n silicone so it is safe for you all!
  • Fairly priced! The moisturizer comes in a 80ml pack priced just at Rs. 299! So its quite affordable as well!
  • Good makeup base! This moisturizer is a good makeup base as it is oil free so it gives a good finish to the base!

These were the pros! Coming on the cons!


  • Does not have any fragrance! The moisturizer does not haves any fragrance instead have a very weird kind of smell! I don't know why but i prefer moisturizers with a good and refreshing fragrance, but this one is not my type!
  • Not for dry skin family! Girls with dry skin are not suggested to buy this! It makes the skin more dry!

This was my review on the product! Coming on my personal view I did not liked the product that much! I only use it before my makeup! N because my skin is combination skin it didn't worked for me that wonderfully as i expected it to be! Rest oily skin people can give it a try! 

With love,

Ayushi ❤


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