REVIEW:Jeanne En Provence verveine cedrat exfoliating shower gel

This is an exfoliating shower gel cum body scrub which has a refreshing fragnance.It contains verbena,apricot kernels and fine sand to remove dead skin and impurities .It cleanses the skin making it soft,thus adding a healthy glow to the skin.
-rinse your body with water
-take a small amout of the body wash onto a loofah or simply on your palm
-gently massage your skin and generate soft lather
-rinse off thoroughly with water
It does it's job as you can see from the picture shown here..I have used this regularly and m loving it?❤️.The consistency is not very runny nor very thick,somewhere in between as you can see in the picture (mentioned BEFORE).You can also see fine granules of apricot in it.
thank you @Nykaa Army for this lovely goody❤️??

@Nykaa Beauty

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