Q: Six Hair Care tips for winters.

Hair Care Tips for Winters 

1-Condition longer - Make sure you apply conditioner for a longer period of time, to combat dryness more efficiently. 

2-Egg Mask- Eggs give nourishment to your hair , so make sure to apply a mask made up of eggs with yogurt at least once a week in order to deeply nourish your hair. 

3-Steam - After applying hair mask make sure to steam your hair by either running a blow dryer or wrapping your hair in a hot towel in order to make the mask work more better. Avoid steaming when u put egg mask. 

4-Serums -After washing your hair always make sure to apply serum to seal in all the moisture. 

5-Aloe Gel -If your hair is super dry and frizzy apply a good amount of aloe gel on your dry hair while going to bed.Next morning your hair will absorb all the gel and become more soft. 

6-Avoid frequent hair wash-As the weather is already dry and washing it again and again will make your hair dry.

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