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Sleep in Saturday😴😴
When it comes to your favorite hobby you gotta do it right😉 I am a sleeping mask junkie if you can't tell already.Here are few of my products from my night stand.well i dont use all these together.different products are for different routines and skin needs.i habe included serums, exfoliators and sleeping masks here.exfoliators are for 2 nights in a week.serum and sleeping masks are regular.2 products are new here as well which i just started using a week ago.And also my staple boroline for lips.
For the dry weather i am leaning more towards the innisfree jeju orchid sleeping mask which is a rich moisturizing mask.kaya brightening one is heavy duty as well.
for exfoliator bha is on a hold for now due to the weather.but dr sheth came to rescue.their glycolic toner keeps my skin surface smooth and clean.
For serum just finished innisfree green tea one and started using rice ceramide one by far i like it and love the smell.


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