Summer beauty tips ☀??


1) switch to summer makeup

From powder to cream
From dark lipstick to tinted lipbalm
From Smokey eyes to shimmery golds/ white waterline
From navy nails to coral nails
From kohl pencil to barely there wing

2) Freeze aloe vera gel in ice cube trays to treat sun burn

3) Keep nail polish in the fridge to avoid bubbles while painting your nails

4) mix a small amount sunscreen in your body lotion to protect your hands and legs ( incase you don't have spf in your lotion)

5) Stay hydrated

6) eat well balanced diet

7) before applying makeup rub ice cubes on your face to make your makeup last longer

8) use waterproof makeup 

9) use good quality toner

10) exfoliate your body once a week 



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