Summer Skin Care Tips ☀ ?

Top 10 Summer Skin Care Tips

1 - Wear Sunscreen Every Day
2 - Commit to Reapplying
3 - Be Careful About Exfoliation
4 - Moisturize
5 - Protect Commonly Missed Areas
6 - Treat Sun Damage
7 - Stay Hydrated
8 - Cover Up
9 - Pactice Safe Shaving Habits
10 - Try Mineral Makeup

The first of our summer beauty tips for your skin is by far the most important—wear sunscreen every single day.

The sun’s rays are strongest between the hours of 10a.m. and 4p.m. all year round. Even cloudy days can’t block UVA and UVB rays during the day, so it’s critical that you apply some form of sun protection rain or shine every few hours.


In general, dermatologists recommend that you reapply your sunscreen every two hours. However, if you’re doing anything active or you’re exposed to water, you may need to reapply more frequently.


One of the best summer beauty tips for skin? Exfoliate, but don’t overdo it. It’s important to get those dry skin cells off --especially if you want to remove a fake tan-- but exfoliating too much in your daily summer skin care routine can leave your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

Just a little bit of gentle exfoliation will help you slough off that old skin for smooth makeup application, so there’s no reason to apply a rough scrub to your face during the summer months. Harsh chemical peels and gritty scrubs should be saved for the cooler months when your skin isn’t in direct sunlight.


You’re hopefully diligent about applying moisturizer to your skin during the drying winter months, but make sure you keep up the good work during the hotter seasons as well.

Unfortunately, some of us let our moisturizing fall by the wayside in our summer skincare routines. When temperatures rise, many people begin to neglect their moisturizer, and it’s understandable. The wrong types of sunscreen can make skin feel greasy, which leads many to mistakenly believe they don’t need to moisturize. Others feel that moisturizer will only make them feel stickier during the sweatiest days of the year and clog up pores.
If you notice your skin is dry in the summer months, your A.C. may be to blame.


When it comes to summer beauty tips for skin, you might think you’ve got the sunscreen portion down. Turns out, a lot of us aren’t as thorough as we think. While you’re likely in the habit of rubbing sunscreen on your face, arms, and legs, do you pay attention to the skin on the rest of your body?

These are the five places you’re probably forgetting to put sunscreen:


Even with our best efforts, the sun sometimes gets the best of us—leaving behind a painful red burn. If you’ve gotten a sunburn, don’t just wait for it to go away. Actively work to treat your burn, and your skin will thank you.

While prevention is best, quickly treating your sunburn can stop the amount of damage done to your skin cells. In the event of a sunburn, you should help your skin repair itself as quickly as possible, so keep these tips in mind:

1)- Get out of the sun
2)- Use Aloe Vera
3)- Take a pain reliever: If your skin feels especially tender, a pain reliever can help calm inflammation, which will reduce
4)- Swelling and pain.
5)- Run a cold bath
6)- Leave your blisters alone: If your skin starts to bubble up with blisters, do your best to avoid touching them. If you pick or peel off your burned skin, you could permanently scar your skin.
7)- Use lotion


Wondering how to take care of your skin in the summer naturally? The solution might be as simple as filling up your water bottle.

When you get a sunburn, your body suffers from the outside in. Sunburns can dry up your skin, and getting the appropriate amount of H2O can help you avoid dehydration. Severe sunburns can cause vasodilation, a process in which the blood vessels in your body dilate, causing your skin to lose water quickly. This can lead to fatigue and dehydration, and in serious cases, heat stroke. Be sure to load up on water after getting a sunburn and add electrolytes to regain your strength.


If you’re out in the sun, be sure to cover up as much as possible. Pull out that beach umbrella, wear breathable clothing that still blocks UV rays, don headwear that protects your scalp, and don’t forget to shield your eyes from the sun’s bright rays.


When the sun comes out, it’s time to don that bikini or stylish one-piece, which comes along with the sometimes-dreaded task of a regular shaving routine. If you don’t take the right precautions, shaving can cause rash, razor burn, and painful tiny cuts that wreak havoc on your skin—sometimes in very sensitive areas.

Looking out for your skin this summer means practicing safe shaving habits, and these summer beauty tips and tricks will keep your skin smooth and soft without painful, red bumps.


Get that glowing summer skin without spending hours in the sun. Combining sun safety and makeup kills two birds with one stone—and will speed up your morning summer skin care and beauty routine. Mineral makeup is worn as either foundation or a setting powder, and will give you a smooth matte coverage that looks natural. Even better news? The right mineral makeup products can actually supplement your sun protection efforts.

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