Q: Today I'm gonna share a quick little review about my recent purchase.. All body shop products ?

It is a strong fragrance and spraying it 2-3 times on the body sorts me for the day. I mostly use it immediately after bath on my body. It kind of gives me a refreshing feel. When you spray it on your wet body, the fragrance kind of lightens a bit. While spraying it on dry body gives out an instant strong sweet fragrance. The mist evaporates very soon leaving the fragrant skin. It neither adds nor rips off moisture from my skin. I really like fragrant body after bath so it is a must have for me.


The Face wash is green liquid and every time I use it.I get this cooling effect.I love to use this after i come from the office because the commuting makes my face all dirty and full of grime. It takes of all the dirt and oil and leaves me feeling fresh.It is an excellent face wash for summers.
My skin and I are in love! After using this my skin has a natural glow and the little redness I used to have on my cheeks has been reduced. I've never had any skin issues, but my skin has definitely improved! It has also a nice, sweet and fresh smell!
If you are looking for a good smelling soap free shower gel for summers which can uplift your mood with a strong orangey smell then just grab this one. I recommend this shower gel to all and e veryone who loves citrusy fragrance.
The first thing I noticed about this mask is that is has a lotion texture to it. This made me happy as it means it is the type of overnight mask which you can rub in to the skin and it absorbs it overnight like a moisturiser.It is quite bouncy and smells very fresh which I love. As it is quite bouncy and light, which means that a little goes a very long way.
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