Tone-Up Tuesdays

According to me, staying fit is very important. Here is how I maintain my fitness regime. 

As soon as I wake up I have a glass of lukewarm water. It helps a lot in digestion. 

Then I go for a quick run for 15 mins and stretch after that. After I am done with my stretching, I practice Surya namaskar 10 times because it is very good for the body. 

After my exercising routine, I drink another glass of Luke warm water, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of cold watera a glass of Chia seeds with lemon juice and honey in lukewarm water after soaking the chia seeds for half an hour.

In the evening, I have a shot of black coffee and I hit the gym for a short 15 mins run on the treadmill and 10 mins exercise on the cross trainer. I stretch myself well after the gym and come home to drink a cup of green tea and some nuts. 

Along with exercising, maintaining your diet is very important. A protein rich diet or a low card diet if always recommended. Being a vegetarian, I incorporate the following to have more protein- 

1. Boiled broccoli and Soya Salad 

2. Boiled broccoli, sweet corn and paneer salad. 

3. Yellow palak dal

4. Palak Soup 

5. Rajma

6. Sprouts

To cut down on the carbs, I incorporate more fruits and vegetable salads to my diet and I have cut down on sugar a lot. Citrus fruits like oranges and water rich fruits like Watermelon, Grapes and even berries are really good for health. I have switched from having hot breakfast every morning to having oatmeal, granola and museli atleast once every week, from white bread to multi grain or whole wheat bread and from normal milk to soy milk or almond milk. These small changes can really help to aid it up.

Pro Tip- short walks after meals can really help to tone up.

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@Rishal Nykaa @Aishanya Shukla @Sayali babhare @Jayabharathi @dipika @Taniaa Garg @kajalkumar kajalkumar @Liba Libu What is your fitness regime or Tone Up Tuesday like? 

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