?Want to plump your lips???

Can cinnamon makes your lip look plump?

Yes. It’s because cinnamon contains cassia oil, which has many benefits. It is a calming agent and does not harm your skin when used topically. However, it irritates your mucus membrane when applied to the lips. As a result, the blood circulation to your lips increases, giving you that coveted bee-stung pout.
And that’s the reason cinnamon is the cheapest, safest, and natural way to achieve a look that usually costs a bomb (im telling about those expensive plumpers and cosmetic processes).Before we start, a word of caution. After applying the cinnamon lip plumper, you will experience mild irritation on your lips. That’s normal. In fact, if there is no irritation, add some more cinnamon. Let’s proceed to the hacks.

?Ground cinnamon and vaseline lip plumper

you will need:

?️1 teaspoon cinnamon oil or powder

?️½ teaspoon Vaseline


?️Mix the Vaseline and cinnamon powder or oil in a bowl.

?️Gently massage this mixture on your lips. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wipe it off.

?️Follow it up with a lip balm.

How it works?
Vaseline moisturizes your lips while cinnamon plumps them up. If you are uncomfortable with the tingling effect on your lips, use a small amount of powder/oil.

?Cinnamon and sugar lip scrub

you will need:

?️1 tablespoon cinnamon powder

?️1 tablespoon sugar

?️1 tablespoon olive or coconut oil


?️Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

?️Make a thick paste and transfer it to a small jar or container.

?️Use your fingertips to massage it lightly on your lips for 5-10 minutes.

How it works?

The sugar and cinnamon lip scrub exfoliates the surface of the lips and stimulates blood flow.

?Cinnamon and salt lip plumper 

you will need:

?️1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

?️1 tablespoon olive oil

?️1 tablespoon salt


?️Mix the cinnamon powder with olive oil.

?️Add salt to the mixture and blend.

?️Apply the mixture on your lips and massage gently.

?️Leave it on for 5 minutes and then wipe/wash it off.

How it works?

The salt helps in scrubbing the lips while the spice does its work (i.e., plumping your lips). Olive oil keeps your lips moisturized.

?Cinnamon plumping lip gloss

you will need:

?️Your favorite liquid lip gloss (you can use transparent lip gloss)

?️2-3 drops of cinnamon oil


?️Blend the cinnamon oil with your lip gloss (add the drops gradually and test the effects on your lips).

?️Apply the gloss on a regular basis.

How it works?

The cinnamon oil instantly increases blood flow to your lips, and the gloss keeps them shiny and beautiful.

?Cinnamon and olive oil lip plumper

you will need:

?️1 cup olive oil

?️3-4 cinnamon sticks

?️A glass jar


?️Place the cinnamon sticks in the jar.

?️Pour olive oil on them. Make sure the sticks should be fully submerged in the oil.

?️Keep the jar aside for a week or two until you notice a change in the color (it means the goodness of cinnamon has infused in the oil).

?️Apply the oil to your lips and massage.

How it works?

Olive oil moisturizes the lips, and cinnamon makes them plump.

《Tips and precautions when using cinnamon lip plumper》

▪Always do a patch test before using cinnamon oil. It can sting a lot if applied in higher quantities. Adjust the quantity of cinnamon powder or oil depending on the sensitivity of your skin. Gradually add the cinnamon oil drops.

▪Before you apply cinnamon on your lips, exfoliate them with salt or sugar (not required if you are using them in your plumper). This helps in removing impurities and dead skin cells.

▪Never use cinnamon or any other spice on chapped lips. This will cause a burning sensation and is extremely painful.

▪Never rub cinnamon too much on your lips. Rub it for a while and leave it. Otherwise, it will irritate the skin too much.

So, ladies, follow these tips and recipes and get ready to sizzle with fuller lips.

NOTE:This is not permanently give you a plump lips.
The effect of these cinnamon lip plumpers lasts only a few hours.

I hope you will love and found this helpful ??...

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