Winter skin care tips for oily/acne prone skin tone.

Hi Girls , Today I will be sharing some winter skin care tips with you all for the ladies with the acne and oily prone skin. Some people actually suffer from oily skin in winters too and should actually take certain precautions. 

1- Don’t take hot showers , instead take showers from the Lukewarm water as hot water dehydrates the skin and makes it look dull. 

2- Pick the right Moisturizer- Some people feel that oily skin doesn’t require moisturizer but that’s not true instead pick a gel based moisturizer. It will keep your skin soft and smooth. 

3- Don’t forget sunscreen just bcoz it’s winter , pick up the right sunscreen for oily skin. 

4- Deep Cleanse your face - The main problem of oily skin is acne and breakouts which we get often which are caused by open and enlarged pores because when the pores are open they secrete more oil and attract more dirt which turns out into pimples . So wash your face with a good face wash or a cleanser followed by a toner. 

Tip - Rubbing an ice cube on your face will reduce your enlarge pores.

5- Use a oil control night cream - if your skin is oily u have to use a oil free night cream or a gel base cream , I personally use Face shop aloe vera gel ( will be linking down the product below) u can even use any kind of oil free gel which will help in oil control and also help in hydration.

6- Stay hydrated -keeping  yourself hydrated is a must for people with oily skin tone . Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water which will flush out the toxins. 

7- Use sheet mask regularly which will add extra glow to your skin and helps in hydration.



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