There are many simple ways to earn reward points!
  • - Signing up for an account:
    On creating your Nykaa account, 2000 reward points will be added automatically to your account.
  • - Shopping :
    For every INR 1 you spend on Nykaa, you will earn 1 reward point.
  • - Writing Reviews :
    Once your review is approved by our team, 100 reward points will be added to your account. The process of approval will typically take anywhere from 1-2 business days.
  • - Asking and Answering Questions :
    Every time your question or answer to another user’s question is approved, 100 reward points will be added to your account. (See our Ask and Answer Program section for more information)
  • - Referring Friends :
    Once you refer a friend, you will earn 5000 reward points once they register and complete their first purchase on (See our Refer A Friend section for more information)
Nykaa Rewards and Nykaa Privé

The Nykaa Rewards Program aims to build a community among Nykaa shoppers by rewarding you for your loyalty, engagement and cooperation. Simply shop while we reward you for it. You spend more, you earn more! Every point earned can be redeemed on your favorite products!

Anybody! The minute you create an account on, you are automatically signed up for the Nykaa Rewards Program.

It’s easy! Click on Sign In/Up and follow the instructions to join.

Check out our “How to Earn Points” section for details.

Nykaa Privé is your all access pass to the best of beauty! Only our most loyal customers get access to exclusive perks, presents and points on joining.

Any customer can be part of Nykaa Privé on spending INR 5000 in a span of 365 days from their Nykaa account.

  • Birthday Gift - Get a complimentary gift when you make a purchase in your birthday month.
  • Special Discounts - Get a 5% discount coupon when you join our loyalty program.
  • Free Shipping - Receive 6 free shipping coupons in your account on joining.
  • Double Rewards - Enjoy shopping for double the points on special products.
  • Special Access - Be the first to know the latest launches and beauty trends.
  • Exclusive Offers - Get exclusive access to special offers and events.

On having spent INR 5000 and completion of your qualifying order, Your Nykaa Privé membership invite will be sent to your email within 30 - 45 days! You can also check the 'My Account' section on your Nykaa App.

To check the membership duration please check the 'My Accounts' page on Nykaa app or

  • - Free Membership:

    No purchase is necessary to obtain a membership in the Nykaa Rewards Program. Members who makes a purchase of minimum INR 5000 (in a calendar year) shall be eligible for Nykaa Privé membership. Members can join Nykaa Privé as soon as an invite has been sent to them through This invite will be sent only to registered users of the website to their registered email id or mobile no within 30 - 45 days of qualifying purchase.
  • - Eligibility:

    Membership in the program is limited to individuals only and is limited to one account per individual. Persons under the age of 18 ("Minors") must obtain their parents' or legal guardians' consent prior to participation. By enrolling for Nykaa Privé, and Nykaa Rewards you agree (or, if you are a Minor, your parent or legal guardian agrees) to be bound by these terms and conditions. To register for the website, you must provide your first name, last name, mailing address, gender and phone number. The program is void where prohibited by law. Members are entitled to only one account.
  • - Access/Change Member Information:

    Members must keep their personal information on their account up-to-date by visiting the website. Registered users of the website must provide their individual login information when logging on the website, which will allow the member to update their personal profile. If you are a member of the program but not a registered user of the website, you may become a registered user of the website by proceeding through the associated registration screens. Once you are a registered user of the website and have inputted your account details, the “My Profile” link will allow maintenance of both site registration and program associated information. The information you provide as a member of the program will be handled according by privacy policy. To learn more about Privacy Policy, please visit
  • - Online Account Maintenance:

    Once you are a registered user of the website, you may view a summary of your account on the website. After logging onto the website, simply click on “Your Account Name" link in the header of the website homepage and change any information on your account. You may also view your reward points balance, progress toward Nykaa Privé Membership, and transaction history and eligibility for offers on the website through "My Profile" and "Nykaa Rewards".
Earning Points and Redeeming Benefits
  • - General:

    Members can earn Nykaa Rewards points on the purchase of eligible products only. For all online purchases, you must be a registered user of the website and have linked your account with your online account to get points for online purchases. You must be signed into this account to receive any offers.
  • - Earning Rate:

    Members earn one (1) point for every INR 1 spent when they purchase. For example, if you spend Rs.50, you will receive 50 points. All Nykaa Privé members who use their reward points to purchase qualifying products and services, as described, earn one (1) extra point for every INR 1 spent on certain pre-decided, qualifying days, in addition to any points they may receive for those purchases as members.
  • - Birthday Gift:

    In addition to earning points on their qualifying product purchases made online, Nykaa Privé members receive a birthday gift, if the members make a purchase in their birthday month. Members with a valid email and their birthday entered in their account profile will receive a free gift during their birthday month (subject to members making a purchase in the birthday month). Nykaa Privé reserves the right to change the birthday gift product at any time. Shipping charges for the free gift must be borne by the member.
  • - Special Rewards:

    Nykaa Privé offers a 5 % discount coupon when a member joins Nykaa Privé. This will be a one-time coupon which has be redeemed in a single transaction. No other coupon will be clubbed with this discount coupon.
  • - Free Shipping:

    Nykaa Privé offers a 6-free shipping coupon as soon a member joins the Nykaa Privé Program. Only one coupon can be used per order.
  • - Special Access:

    Nykaa Privé members will get special access to the latest beauty news and trends via email.
  • - Exclusive Offers:

    Nykaa Privé offers all exclusive access to special offers and sales specially designed for Nykaa Privé members. Such offers and access will be offered completely on discretion of Nykaa Privé and are subject to update, cancellation and change.

    (Disclaimer : The Nykaa Privé and Nykaa Rewards terms & Conditions forms a part of terms and conditions and privacy policy. Please refer to Terms and conditions and Privacy policy on the website)