OMORFEE Perfecting Facial Creme(50gm)

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    Protecting face from the daily wear and tear caused due to harsh environmental factors like Sun, dust, pollution and humidity is a must to maintain the health and vitality for a youthful skin. And what could be better than using a skin care product, made out of certified organic ingredients, which not just protects from pollution but also rejuvenates skin!

    • This cr?me protects, soothes and repairs the skin, owing to patented Echnidium Oil, which shields skin from environmental stress factors and prevents skin sensitivity.
    • The purest turmeric oil and Green Tea Oil extracts impart immense anti-bacterial and auto-oxidising properties which nullify the effects of free radicles on our skin.
    • Rose Extract and Ellagic Acid rich Strawberry extracts protect the skin from the symptoms of ageing and damage caused by any extrinsic factor.
    • It prevents cellular damage of the skin by preventing UV damage to the skin.
    • The Yeast Extract, has magical effects on the skin. It has marvellous skin rejuvenation effect and enhances skin turn over.
    • Natural emollients Aloe Vera, Mango Butter, Almond oil and Soybean Oil further moisturize and deeply nourish skin to bring about a healthy glow to skin.

    Additional Information: OMORFEE emphasizes on the healing power of Mother Nature. They bring the unfathomable healing, restoring and beautifying power of nature for you through their products, packaged in pure bamboo jars and eco- friendly recyclable plastics.

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OMORFEE Perfecting Facial Creme