OMORFEE The Beard n Moustache Wash(50ml)

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  • Since ages beard has proven to be an instrumental factor that has been determining the looks of a man. And yes, men do tend to do that extra bit to flaunt their well grown and groomed beard. For attaining and maintaining a well groomed beard, it should be treated with care and with the right products. And proper cleansing is the first step towards having a good beard. Regular chemical laden cleansers, soaps and shampoos tend to over dry the beard hair with time and male it brittle and lacklustre. Turning to natural, sulphate free and organic ingredient based cleanser would not just keep your beard squeaky clean but it has its added benefits. It will keep the optimum moisture balance of your beard hair owing to Vitamin E and the effective essential oils, hence not let it become dry or brittle. Being made of Coconut oil based cleansing agent, it will keep the beard healthy and also maintain the health of the skin underneath. And being devoid of sulphates, it also saves you from the perils of chemicals on your body. Go natural for super clean and healthy beard!


    • Prevents the beard from over drying and making it brittle.
    • Natural ingredients keep your beard squeaky clean without harming the hair in any way.
    • Keeps the beard as well as the skin underneath healthy.

    MRP: 799

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OMORFEE The Beard n Moustache Wash