Omved Gentle Conditioner(100ml)

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  • Condition naturally with high levels of botanicals and aromatics that go beyond just cleaning and conditioning. The Brahmi and Peppermint Conditioner provides nourishment for the scalp and protects from daily damage while infusing the mind and body with pure aromatherapy.

    • Brahmi rebalances pH levels and nourishes the scalp and hair.
    • Peppermint stimulates circulation.
    • Hibiscus prevent split ends and breakage.
    • Panthenol Vitamin B5 detangles, smoothens and softens hair.
    • Shea butter, Jojoba, Babassu and Sweet Almond oils condition naturally to add body without making hair feel heavy.

    Give your precious tresses a daily boost of botanicals. Rebalance the scalp and restore strength and elasticity while leaving hair soft, shiny and full-bodied.

    Key Features :

    • Almost everything you put on your hair gets on your scalp and what gets on your scalp can get absorbed into your body! Warm water and open pores during a hair wash make it imperative to use natural haircare products. Omved conditioners are the result of diligent manufacturing, sound traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and premium quality plant oils instead of mineral or petroleum-based oils.
    • They are a medley of rich conditioning botanicals like Babassu, Shea, Sweet Almond, Coconut and Jojoba. The essential nutrients
    • vitamins, amino acid complexes, and essential fatty acids
    • in these oils strengthen, moisturise, protect, help restore elasticity, soothe, rejuvenate and add sheen and shine to your hair and scalp, naturally!
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