Omved Hydrating Shampoo(100ml)

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  • Restore strength and moisture to undernourished hair with plant-derived botanicals as they cleanse without stripping and build-up. This all-herbal shampoo deeply penetrates to hydrate, with its concentrated proteins and a blend of natural oils.

    • Jatamansi eases dry flakes and brittle hair ends.
    • Geranium maintains the moisture balance of the scalp.
    • Aloe Vera and Vitamin E make hair soft and manageable.
    • Amalika nourishes with Vitamin C.

    The beneficial extracts are blended in a base of natural cleansers like Arishtak (Soap nut) known for their natural cleansing and conditioning properties from ancient times. Coat and protect your every strand with extra moisture.

    Almost everything you put on your hair gets on your scalp and what gets on your scalp can get absorbed into your body! Warm water and open pores during a hair wash make it imperative to use natural haircare products.

    Omved shampoos are the result of diligent manufacturing, sound traditional Ayurvedic wisdom and rare and effective premium quality botanicals, rich in vital hair nutrients and natural hair conditioning agents that take utmost care of your hair in a very gentle way.

    They do not contain any harsh chemicals for foaming or conditioning and cleanse without stripping the outer protein layer of hair or drying the scalp. Protect your hair from harsh ingredients, synthetic additives and overpowering synthetic aromas.

    We think you'll love what it does for your hair.

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Omved Hydrating Shampoo
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