Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil

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  • Parachute Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil repairs and nourishes your hair giving you stronger, shinier and healthier looking hair. The natural ingredients present in the oil help strengthen hair from the roots. This oil tackles all your hair problems without causing any further damage and arrests hairfall within 30 days.This nourishing hair oil is clinically tested and prepared using an authentic ayurvedic technique called Tel Pak Vidhi. In this, the ingredients used, are taken in fixed proportions, boiled in water in the traditional vessels for long hours in order to extract oil to enhance the efficacy of the product. This oil provides deep nourishment to the hair root which results in reduced hairfall, also making your hair look healthy and shiny.


    • Controls Hairfall
    • Promotes Hair growth
    • Keeps hair healthy, long & thick
    • Reduces Dandruff
    • Prevents dryness of scalp
    • Improves blood circulation to follicles
    • Prevents pre-mature greying

    Goodness of Natural Ingredients:

    • Amla: Prevents scalp dryness and accumulation of dandruff, keeps hair follicles strong and nourishes them from the roots.
    • Mehendi: A natural conditioner, it protects against sun and dust, making your hair silky and shiny
    • Ghritkumari: Stimulates hair growth and boosts the body's ability to adapt changes to the external environment
    • Nagarmotha: Helps in regaining the lost nutrients, reduces stress and nourishes your hair from the roots
    • Methi: It reduces hair thinning; repairs damaged cells and regenerate new ones. Also, adds shine to your hair & prevents pre-mature greying of hair
    • Coconut Oil: An excellent conditioner; helps in reducing protein loss, facilitates repair and re-growth of damaged hair making your hair strong and lustrous
    • Sesame Oil: Strengthens hair from the roots, supports hair growth and prevents dryness thus reducing hair fall.
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Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil