• Chaoba 2800 Hair Dryer Professional

    Thicker hair demands more power and that’s exactly why we love this mean machine. Don’t go on its lightweight design, this powerful hair dryer dries your tresses with very waste of energy and time. Thick haired beauties, this one’s for you!

    Rs. 1000
    • 55% off
  • Bronson Professional Hair Dryer For Home Professional Use (2800)

    (539) 85 Review(s)

    If blow-drying is your reason for being late every morning, maybe your dryer is the culprit, especially if you’re blessed with crazy thick locks. This ideal dryer boasts of 3 heat and 2 speed settings, along with salon-power airflow for a professional blowout.

    Rs. 675

    Rs. 1500

    [-55% ]


    • 20% off
  • Ikonic Professional Mini Dryer (Black)

    Equipped with a nozzle and diffuser, this specific beauty ensures that you don’t lose the gorgeous definition of your curls while drying it. It’s 1000W of heat ensures quick results and a cool shot function that sets high-end hairdos like a pro. Super compact too.

    Rs. 1680

    Rs. 2100

    [-20% ]

    • 43% off
  • Agaro HD-1150 Turbo Pro Hair Dryer

    Curly hair calls for special care. Since air-drying fluffs up curly hair—the No. I cause of bad hair days—you need this dryer that boasts a concentrating nozzle diffuser. What we also love about this gizmo is its powerful AC motor that delivers exceptionally professional results.

    Rs. 1199

    Rs. 2100

    [-43% ]


    • 15% off
  • Braun Satin Hair 3 HD385 Power Perfection Dryer (White)

    End up with a lion’s mane after every blow-dry? Perhaps your average dryer isn’t doing the job. Here’s the hair hero you need with ionic function that boosts shine and combats frizz. At the touch of a button, millions of active ions envelope each hair strand to fight static.

    Rs. 3739

    Rs. 4399

    [-15% ]

    • 25% off
  • Alan Truman Force 9900 AC Motor Hair Dryer

    An ionic wonder like no other, this beast of a blow-dryer locks in moisture and reduces frizz drastically. Tourmaline particles on the grill make sure that every blow-dry sesh leaves your strands shiny. Add to that a patented O-air seal that avoids air leakage and we’re sold.

    Rs. 2249

    Rs. 2999

    [-25% ]


  • ETI Italy Turbo 1500 Watts White

    Though lifeless locks dry super quickly, they look extra thin after a blowout, which is why you need intelligent heat and speed settings. This master dryer boasts four combinations of heat and speed for versatility, along with a powerful 1500W professional AC motor.

    Rs. 4750
    • 47% off
  • Nova Silky Shine 1200 W Hot And Cold Foldable NHP 8100 Hair Dryer (Black)

    This one’s loaded with protection technology to deal with your heat damage tress stress. Featuring Ehd + technology that ensures just the right amount of heat is distributed through your mane. Also, the Thermoprotect temperature setting makes your hair super shiny.

    Rs. 449

    Rs. 845

    [-47% ]