Prowomen Dry Shampoo(195ml)

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  • Washing your hair every day can be a pain! Also, washing your mane too much can strip away its healthy oils and lead to dry, damaged locks. So what's a women to do when her sexy, lived-in hair has turned up limp and lifeless. Prowomen has an instant solution that not only soaks up excess oil & cleanses your hair, but also leaves you smelling fresh in seconds. So be it an unplanned meeting or a date-night, look instantly beautiful with The Prowomen Dry Shampoo. Its water free cleansing keeps your hair fresh and lively, giving you a renewed confidence!

    • Prowomen Dry Shampoo is a product that can help stretch the time between washes.

    • It is especially meant for those who want instant voluminous bouncy hair and water free cleansing at a go.

    • Soaks up excess oil & cleanse your hair but also leaves you smelling fresh in seconds

    Additional information :

    Prowomen, India's first-of-a-kind grooming brand, aims to satisfy all modern women's unmet grooming needs with their multi functional and various benefits beauty and cosmetics products. Crafting products that help to tackle day-to-day grooming needs of this modern, fast-paced world, Prowomen products has a Premium, Exclusive and Unique range of products designed especially for Female skin. Say goodbye to ?Bad Hair Day? with this innovative and easy-to-use dry shampoo. Simply spray it and comb your hair out for a voluminous hair.

    MRP: 599

    Expiry Date: 15th December 2020

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Prowomen Dry Shampoo