Raaga Professional Cleansing Post Massage Oil(750ml)

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  • Raaga Professional brings you the most revolutionary spa product, the Cleansing Body Massage Oil. Raaga's Cleansing Body Massage Oil is post massage oil that effectively removes the excess oil after a body massage. The main ingredient in this blend, which is Lemon Oil, balances the skin oils, to give a fresh feel after a massage. Now, there is no need for a shower after a massage. Just apply this Cleansing Oil, wipe with a hot, moist towel and you are good to go!

    Raaga Professional Cleansing Body Massage Oil gives a clean fresh feel after body massage with the help of a unique blend of natural oils.

    • Lemon oil, the key ingredient of this product, is well known for its astringent effect and acts as a natural toner for oily skin. Rich in Vitamin C, it is an important supplement for healthy skin.
    • Mineral, sunflower and Almond Oil - these are the other nourishing oils, which are premixed with the main oils for easy applicability.
    • Almond oil, a source of Vitamin D and minerals, it leaves the skin smooth and moisturized

    Additional Information: Raaga Professional's exclusive range of skin, hair care and hair spa products are highly recommended by beauticians and hair dressers across in India. All their salon products are manufactured with natural ingredients and innovative technology to provide their consumers unique, long-lasting experience.

    MRP: 1400

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Raaga Professional Cleansing Post Massage Oil