Raaga Professional Pain Relieving Body Massage Oil(750ml)

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  • Raaga Professional Cooling head massage oil is pre-mixed oil enriched with Ylang-Ylang Oil that has pain relieving properties. Infused with Ylang -Ylang oil, it helps to eliminate muscle spasm, reduces stress and anxiety. Massaging with Ylang-Ylang eases tension & headache and brings about a sense of relaxation. This oil is mixed with other essential, aromatic oil that calm your senses thus giving you the ultimate spa pleasure. It also has Castor oil which is one of the ancient body relieving remedies preferred for treating Amavata(Rhumatoid Arthritis), Katisula(Back Pain), Grdhrasi(A pain due to type of neuromuscular disorder).The unique formulation of premixed oil in the professional range enables comfortable, effortless application.

    Raaga Professional's pain relieving oil gives you the benefits of a unique blend of natural nourishing oils:

    • Ylang-ylang Oil, the main ingredient in this premixed oil, is known for its unique stress relieving and pain relieving properties
    • Sesame, Mineral, Castor, Olive and Basil oil ? these are the other nourishing oils, which are premixed with the main oil for their soothing properties and exotic aroma
    • Olive oil, a useful source of Vitamin E, soothes and instantly takes the heat out of sore or inflamed skin, calming the body. It has anti-ageing properties that protects agains UV-B damage

    Additional Information: Raaga Professional's exclusive range of skin, hair care and hair spa products are highly recommended by beauticians and hair dressers across in India. All their salon products are manufactured with natural ingredients and innovative technology to provide their consumers unique, long-lasting experience.

    MRP: 1400

    Expiry Date: 15th April 2019

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Raaga Professional Pain Relieving Body Massage Oil