Retro, seductive winged liner look

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    The professional looking winged eyeliner made easy

    1. Apply a wash of the gold cream eye shadow all over the lid using a brush or finger. Soften the edge in the socket line using your fingers to give a natural look.

    2. Now we will start tracing the lower edge of the liner. Start the liner application along the upper lash line from the center of the lid. Keep the line as close to the lash line as possible. There should be no gaps between the lash line and the liner.

    3. Once you reach the outer edge of the eye, wing the liner upwards. Imagine a line joining the outer tip of your eye to the outer tip of your brow. You need to draw the wing along this imaginary line. So basically, the ‘wing’ of the liner should be pointing towards the outer most tip of your eye brow.

    4. Now go back in and complete the line from the center of the lid to the inner tip.

    5. Now that you have the base of the liner in place, trace the top edge of the liner. Starting from the inner corner, start tracing the upper edge of the liner. For the most flattering shape, the liner should be thin and pointed at the ends and thickest at the outer edge of the eye.

    6. Continuing tracing the upper edge of the liner and end it by joining the line created in Step 2-4. Make sure the edges meet perfectly at the end so that there are no gaps. Now we have basically created an outline for the bold winged liner.

    7. Fill in the outline created in the previous steps. Refine the wing to be perfectly sharp, neat and correct any mistakes using a moist cotton bud.

    8. Curl your lashes and apply two coats of your favorite mascara!

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