Richfeel Miss Feminine Combo

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  • Richfeel Intimate Wash (100ml) :

    We know that when it comes to personal hygiene, you wouldn't compromise. Flawless skin, shiny hair, beautiful hands and feet are the most talked about beauty regimens in your daily life. But ironically, your most intimate part, is the most neglected area in personal hygiene: the vagina.Your delicate parts require the most special care and attention to maintain its healthy state, and using regular soap and water while bathing upsets its vital pH balance. This leads to unpleansant issues like irritation, itchiness, dryness and compromises the overall comfort of your feminity. To keep you in optimal health, Richfeel's carefully formulated Intimate Wash gently cleanses your sensitive parts, supporting your natural micro flora balance that is essential in the protection against infections and odour formation. It is mildly scented to leave you feeling fresh, comfortable & confident to the core.When it comes right down to it. you can trust Richfeel's Intimate Wash.

    Richfeel Mani Care Kit With Milk Proteins (100gm) :

    Your beautiful hands endure almost constant exposure to various irritants in the environment. Our assortment of products contain the nourishing and softening benefits of real milk proteins in a soothing and fast-absorbing formula that was developed specifically for your hands. The milk proteins penetrate deeply into the layers of your skin, helping it to retain vital moisture. As your skin begins to hold on to its water content, its elasticity gets strengthened. This allows your skin to resist the damage caused by the environment and protects your hands, leaving it visibly smooth and tender.Softer hands are now within your reach.This Mani Care Kit contains the following, Shampoo - 25gm, Scrub - 25gm, Pack - 25gm, Massage Cream - 25gm.

    Special Features :

    • Intimate wash to maintain feminine personal hygiene.
    • Helps avoid irritation, itchiness & dryness Leaves you feeling fresh, clean and comfortable.
    • Helps elimiate bad odour.
    • Beautiful hands are now a reality!
    • Each kit has 3 applications.
    • Simple4 step therepeutic kit- consists of shampoo, scrub, pack and massage cream.
    • With nourishing and softening benefits of real milk proteins.
    • Softer hands are now within your reach!
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Richfeel Miss Feminine Combo
35% off