Roots & Herbs Vertiver Luminous Skin Elixir (Dry)(50ml)

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  • Vertiver Luminous Skin Elixir is specially formulated for combining fairness, smoothness & suppleness to the skin. Cold pressed jojoba oil is used as a carrier for herbs, because of its supreme penetrating qualities & ability to carry actives of herbs deep into the skin. Active herbs are very potent, have anti-oxidant agents which help reducing the damaging effect of free radicals, regular usage enhances elasticity, leaving it lighter, fairer, toned, supple & youthful. This is a blend of herbs & essential oils & cold pressed Carrier oils, so we call it a 'Skin Food' as you do not require a moisturiser, sunscreen, night cream, skin serum etc. Just '1' Product works for all these. This has natural & mild sunscreen also in the form of essential oil but yes if you are going out directly under the sun say between 12-3 pm then you require an extra sun protection. This 'Skin Food' which is in the firm of an oil, will hydrate the skin completely from inside.

    Benefits :

    • Suitable for normal to dry skin.
    • Adds moisture and suppleness to the skin.
    • Can be used 1 to 2 times in a day.
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