Sara Papaya Kit 61 g (Set of 6)(75gm)

Product Description
  • Papaya Kits Suitable For Blemished & Pigmented Skin Consists Of Papaya Gel, Papaya Powder Scrub, Papaya Serum, Papaya Mask, Papaya Cream And Papaya Facial Mould Mask.

  • 1) Papaya Cleansing Gel 8gm
  • Face Cleanser: A Gel Cleanser For All Skin Type Especially Uneven Complexion.
  • Directions: Apply Cleanser & Massage Into The Skin For 2-3 Min (If Required, Take Little Water). Clean It Thoroughly With Water.
  • 2)Papaya Powder Scrub 4gm
  • Exfoliator: An Intense Enzyme Scrub For All Skin Type Including Uneven Congested Skin.
  • Directions: Mix The Powder Scrub With Few Drops Of Water & Mix It Well. Apply All Over The Face As A Mask (Except For Sensitive Skin Area) & Leave It For A Minute . Do Light Pressure Massage For1-2 Minutes (Avoiding On Very Dry & Sensitive Skin). Clean It Thoroughly With Plain Water. Clean It Immediately If Any Irritation Occurs.
  • 3)Papaya Serum 8gm
  • Booster: Delivers Moisture And Brightness.
  • Directions: Take Serum & Apply All Over The Face & Neck, Till It Absorbs In The Skin.
  • 4)Papaya Mask 8gm
  • Rejuvenator: Brightening Mask Helps Reducing The Uneven Appearance & Dark Spots.
  • Directions: Apply Mask All Over The Face & Neck, Leave It For 10 Minutes. Clean It Thoroughly With Water.
  • 5)Papaya Cream 8gm
  • Moisturizer: A Nourishing Moisturizer For All Skin Type Especially For Uneven Skin Type.
  • Directions: Massage Gently With Cream For 10-12 Minutes & Leave On.
  • 6)Papaya Facial Mould Mask 25gm
  • Brightening & Firming: A Rubber Cooling Mask Helps Enhancing The Skin Tone Also Maintaining The Skin's Firmness.
  • Directions: Apply Anti-Blemish Mould Mask & Leave It For 15-20 Minutes (Take The Entire Sachet & Mix With 10 Ml Water To Make A Paste

Additional Information: Let your beauty shine through the day, with ingredients that are derived straight from nature's bounty, with Sara.

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